Dating, Lifestyle and Personal Devlopment


The Ultimate Seduction (TUS) is a dating coaching company based in Birmingham, UK. We specializes in dating advice, social dynamics, image consultation, Fitness and integrating clients into social scenes

Ultimate Seduction is most known for our bootcamps and seminars, where we broaden your knowledge of different dating and social interaction strategies, with a strong emphasis on our signature system of cold-approach.

This method was developed by all the Ultimate Seduction instructors, integrating all the best techniques from our individual styles of game all in one place to create the ultimate strategy for success in social interaction with men and women.

The Ultimate Seduction seminars involve the instructors drawing from our vast game experience in order to answer your questions on anything related to dating, pickup and personal-development while also giving exciting and enlightening speeches on topics relevant to you.

Antonio Luis
In the last year, Antonio has built a reputation as one of the UK’s experts in self-confidence, cold approach and dating.  To overcome his introverted nature, he embarked on a journey of self-development to become the man he could respect.

Antonio is here to move his clients to a path of growth and discovery wherebeing naturally confident with men, women and in life are cemented into his followers core.

Founder of TUS & Head Coach
" Need a guy that will bark in your ear and get you pumped up before your night out? I'm your guy

Bilal is the CEO of Ultimate Seduction as well as the co-funder. Along side Antonio, he has been learning dating skills for the past year having gotten success from this, he decided to help other young people.

He says that Ultimate Seduction is not only a Pick Up company but a Self Development company and his vision for the future is for it to become the best self developmentcompany in the world, teaching men how to succeed in all areas of their lives including dating, health and fitness as well as financial freedom. 
Bilal Sayed
" Pimping ain't easy right? That's a whole load of baloney. I will give you simple and direct missions to help you kill it in the field